June 2007 News


Rae Armantrout
Collected Prose. San Diego: Singing Horse Press, 2007.


José de Piérola
«Huella digital.» [short story] Libros & Artes 18-19. Lima, 2007.

Marcel Hénaff
"L'idée de fraternité." Télérama  No. spécial, "Fraternité" (March 2007).
"Les voleurs de temps. Usure et capitalisme." Le Nouvel Observateur  No. spécial,  "Comprendre le capitalisme" 705 (May 05, 2007).

Jerome Rothenberg
Triptych. New York: New Directions, 2007.

This, the 12th book of Rothenberg's poems published by New Directions, is to be celebrated with a launch event on June 4th at the Living Theater in New York.

Yingjin Zhang published a book in China, which is a Chinese translation of his 1996 English book from Stanford University Press:

Zhongguo xiandai wenxue yu dianying zhong de chengshi: kongjian, shijian yu xingbie de gouxing
(The city in modern Chinese literature and film: configurations of space, time, and gender), with a new Chinese preface. The book is included in the Overseas Chinese Studies series Ed.  LIU Dong. Nanjing: Jiangsu People’s Press, 2007.

Yingjin Zhang also published a refereed journal article:
“Chinese Cinema in the New Century: Prospects and Problems.”  World Literature Today 81.4 (July-Aug. 2007): 36-41.

Tania Mayer has accepted the position of Program Coordinator for the Program for the Study of Religion and the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop, now housed at UCSD. She started working in that capacity on Monday, May 7th. Tania has a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Education/Counseling from UCLA. Her extensive experience includes teaching for the Los Angeles Unified School District; Workshop Coordinator for the California Museum Foundation in Los Angeles, and more recently as Academic Services Coordinator for the Arts, Humanities and Languages division of UCSD Extension.

Professor Louis Montrose has been named the inaugural holder of the Rebeca Hickel Endowed Chair in Elizabethan Literature. The Rebeca Hickel Chair was established in the Department of Literature by Walter H. Hickel in honor of his wife, Rebeca. The Chair is designed “to encourage scholarship, teaching and critical thought through comparative and multidisciplinary studies of Elizabethan literature as the foundation of English and American literature.”

This chair is one of over 15 new faculty chairs at UCSD that have been created this spring by the “Chancellor’s Chair Challenge” implemented by Chancellor Marye Anne Fox.

Mr. and Mrs. Hickel are members of UCSD’s Chancellor’s Associates. Trained as an engineer, Mr. Hickel earned a bachelor’s degree at Northwestern University, and a master's degree from Columbia University. He is owner of CALWEST Properties, a real estate investment trust. The Hickels’ son Scott, who has taken two of Louis Montrose’s upper-division Shakespeare classes, is a Literatures of the World major, emphasizing Classics.

Louis Montrose joined the Literature Department faculty in 1974, and served as department chair from 1991-95, and again as interim chair in fall 2001. His most recent book is The Subject of Elizabeth, published by the University of Chicago Press in 2006. He has supervised a number of doctoral students who now hold faculty positions at colleges and universities, including the University of North Carolina, the University of Mississippi, Michigan State University, and San Jose State University.
Congratulations, Louis!

Bob Cancel has accepted a position as Resident Director of the UC Education Abroad Program in Ghana, and will be there from mid-August to late December 2007. He will oversee student contingents from the University of California campuses as well as a group from the Cal State system. In addition, he will work with Ghanaian faculty to improve and increase cooperative academic opportunities between the California students and University of Ghana faculty and undergraduates.

Kimberly Chung has been awarded a year-long fellowship from the Korea Foundation. Congratulations, Kimberly!!

Fatima El-Tayeb and Esra Özyürek (Dept. of Anthropology) have been awarded an IICAS research grant for their project on “Challenging Religious, National, and Gender Boundaries in Post-Cold War Europe: Queer and Converted Muslims in Germany.”

Amie Filkow's paper "Blackguards and Businessmen: Individualism and Racial Uplift in the Nineteenth-Century Black Atlantic" won the 2006-2007 Twentieth Annual George Haydu Essay Prize for the Study of Culture, Behavior, and Human Values, awarded by UCSD's Department of Anthropology.

2007-2008 Hellman Award

Ameila Glaser has been awarded a Hellman Award for 2007-2008. A limited number of Hellman Awards, funded by Chris and Warren Hellman, are presented annually to provide financial support to young UCSD faculty who show capacity for great distinction in their research and creative activities.

Chris Guzaitis has accepted a position as a Visiting Assistant Professor in English and Women and Gender Studies at Pomona College. Congratulations, Chris!!

Alexa Weik presented a paper entitled “The Home, the Tide, and the World: Cosmopolitan Encounters in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide” at the Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of the New Literatures of English (ASNEL) at the Friedrich-Schiller- University of Jena, Germany, May 17-20, 2007.

Alexa Weik has also been appointed as a Graduate Student Instructor at the UC Paris Study Center for Fall 2007, and will hold simultaneously an appointment as Visiting Scholar at the Université Paris IV (Paris-Sorbonne).

Meg Wesling will be a fellow at the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University for the 2007-08 academic year.

Caitlin Yamamoto has been awarded the 2007 Oceanids Memorial Fellowship. This competitive fellowship, for $2,000, is presented every two years to a UCSD graduate student. Congratulations, Caitlin!!
Department of Literature Dissertation Fellowships - 2007-2008
Congratulations to Amie Filkow and Kyla Schuller, who have been named recipients of the department's year-long dissertation fellowships for 2007-2008!!

 UC President's Dissertation Year Diversity Fellowships - 2007-2008
Congratulations to Neel Ahuja and Elizabeth Steeby!! Each has been awarded a prestigious President's Dissertation Year Diversity Fellowship for the 2007-2008 academic year.


PhD Defenses

Emily Meri Nitta Kugler - May 16, 2007, "Race and Romance: Questioning Sovereignty in Eighteenth-Century Fiction"

Liyan Qin - May 18, 2007, "Trans-media Strategies of Appropriation, Narrativization, and Visualization: Adaptations of Literature in a Century of Chinese Cinema"

MA Degree

Intan Paramaditha - May 22, 2007, "Motherhood in Post-New Order Indonesian Cinema"
Poetry and Fiction Reading
May 30, 2007

Stewart Prize for Poetry
Winner ($300)
Prayer Trairatvorakul: “metaphors in finance” - “toledo” - “sestina: variations on a theme”

First Runner-up ($50 Barnes and Noble gift certificate)
Joseph Chaparo: “provocative” - “a city two love” - “for you”

Second Runner-up ($20 Barnes and Noble gift certificate and a book by a faculty member)
Erika Gottfredson: “Dormant Dirt Part 1 &2” - “Oxidation” - “Monday Nights with You”

Honorable Mention
Aseezat Araoye: “This Walk” - “Now” - “Ashes to Ashes”
Felipe Martinez “The Mouse”

Saier Award for Fiction

Winner ($1,000)
Nancy Romero: “you myth, i mith”

First Runner-up ($50 Barnes and Noble gift certificate)
Saehee Cho for “Explication of the Morning After”

Second Runner-up ($20 Barnes and Noble gift certificate and a book by a faculty member)
Christina Wood for “Cock Nazis and Theatre: Living It Before 2000”

Honorable Mention
Alanna Feldman: “The Voyage”
Felipe Martinez: “Saint Bogswarth – Invent or”  (honorable mention in both contests)
Ashton Politanoff: “Night Trip South, Tijuana”
International House Faculty Fellow Program

Eleanor Roosevelt College and the International House invite UCSD academic senate members to consider participation in the International House as the International House Faculty Fellow. Supported by the Council of Provosts, this one-year renewable position will work with the Director to expand the co-curricular programs of International House and its outreach to academic departments. Nominations or expressions of interest should be received by June 11.

The International House Faculty Fellow plays a key role in achieving the goals of international awareness
 and exchange by:
- Working together with the I-House Director to promote interactions among faculty and students around international interests.
- Providing support for an International House program. Examples of such programs are:
    * A campus wide academic symposium focusing on one or more aspects of cross-cultural relations 
      and international affairs
    * Grant writing
    * An international fiction book club
- Assisting the International House Director with advising for the International Affairs Group
- Serving on the International House Advisory Board (quarterly meetings)
- Serving as the International House liaison to the Academic Senate Committee on International
   Education (ex officio) (quarterly meetings)
- Interacting with residents and attending one or more I-House events each quarter (Culture Nights,
   Sunday Supper, International Affairs Group, etc.)

Compensation would be approximately $5000 per academic year in the form of a research stipend or salary if appointment allows.

To apply for the position, please send an email with your CV (short version is fine) to Christi Gilhoi (cgilhoi@ucsd.edu) by June 11.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.