April 2007 News


Michael Davidson
“The Dream of a Public Language: Modernity, Manifesto, and the Citizen Subject.” Cross Cultural Poetics 17 (March, 2007).

“Reading Lines Forum.” Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies 8/9 (Spring & Fall, 2006).

Shih-szu Hsu published an English article in a Taiwanese on-line academic journal:
“Queer Spatial Lessons in Wong Kar-wai’s Happy Together.Cultural Studies Monthly 64 (January 2007).

Katie Sciurba [Literatures of The World graduate - 2001] is pleased to announce the publication of her first children's picture book, Oye, Celia!: A Song for Celia Cruz. The book, due for an April 17 release, is available now at amazon.com.

Wai-limi Yip
"Modernism and the Rise of Modernist poetry in Hong Kong." Conference Papers of the 6th Hong Literature Festival. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2006.

Marivi Blanco – LTWR 107 – Writing for Children
Annick Gentet – LTFR 116 – Themes in Intellectual and Literary History
Michael Grattan – LTEN 119 – Milton
Stanya Kahn – LTWR 100 – Short Fiction
Stephen Paul Martin – LTWR 100 – Short Fiction
James Meetze – LTWR 115 – Experimental Writing
Rex Pickett – LTWR – Screen Writing
Santiago Rubio-Fernaz – LTWL 019C – Intro to the Ancient Greeks and Romans
Patricia Santana – LTWR 113 – Intercultural Writing
Rikke Sommer – LTFR 2C – Intermediate French III

Alain Loute – sponsored by Marcel Hénaff


UCSD Center for the Humanities Awards “Transborder Interventions, Transcontinental Archives" Awards

Graduate student fellowships
Aimee Bahng, Junghyun Hwang, Edwige Tamalet Talbayev

Faculty Fellowships
Sara Johnson
, Shelley Streeby, Oumelbanine Zhiri

Collaborative research projects/conferences/guest lectures
John Blanco, Jin-kyung Lee
, Roddey Reid, Oumelbanine Zhiri

Graduate student dissertation fellowships
Neel Ahuja, Chunhui Peng, Alexa Weik

Graduate student conference/travel grants
Scott Boehm, Angie Chau, Elizabeth Findlay, Marla Fuentes, Melissa Hidalgo, Ana Grinberg-Vandersip, Shih-szu Hsu, Su Yun Kim, Dixa Ramirez, Kyla Schuller, Elizabeth Steeby, Alvin Ka Hin Wong

Scott Boehm presented a paper entitled "The Spy Inside: Negotiating Labor, Language and Ethnicity in Native Speaker and George Washington Gómez" at the annual MELUS conference in Fresno, CA on March 22nd.

Chunhui Peng has been awarded a UC Pacific Rim mini-grant.

Michael Davidson has been elected to the executive committee of the Poetry Division of the Modern Language Association. He also gave a keynote address at the Association of English Graduate Students Conference at USC, March 2, 2007.

Michael Grattan will be on a panel entitled "The Varied Politics of Early Modern Historiography" at the annual Shakespeare Association of America meeting in San Diego on April 7. His group covers "Historiography, Translation, and Representation." His paper is entitled "The Art and Politics of Translating Tacitus’ Histories."

Ana Grinberg-Vandersip is the recipient of a Hispanic Fund Scholarship (HISPA - NCR) for 2006-2007.

Sara Johnson's book Kaiso! has been named among the top ten arts books of 2006 by Booklist, a review published by the American Library Association.

Esther Lezra has accepted an appointment as Assistant Professor in the Global and International Studies Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Congratulations Esther!!

Ali Liebegott will be on a reading tour with Sister Spit's Ramblin' Road Show from April 5 - May 7. For the tour schedule and additional information, see the Sister Spit Next Generation website.

Jake Mattox has accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the English Department at Indiana University in South Bend. Congratulations Jake!!

Gabriela Nunez has accepted a Mellon postdoctoral fellowship in Latino/Latina Studies at Northwestern University. She will be affiliated with the Department of English.

Edwige Tamalet Talbayev presented a paper entitled "Frantz Fanon's Black Skins, Whites Masks: Anticolonial Struggle and the French Humanist Tradition" at the Carolina Conference on Romance Literatures organized by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, March 29-31.

Alexa Weik organized two panels on "Sentimentalism and the 20th Century Novel" at the 38th Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Annual Convention in Baltimore, March 1-4, 2007. At one of the panels, she also presented a paper entitled “‘My Several Worlds’: Pearl S. Buck and the Ambiguities of Transnational Sentiment.”  Alexa has also been admitted to the 2007 School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University, Ithaca, from June 17-July 26, 2007. She will participate in Bruce Robbins's seminar on "Transnational Culture."

Faculty Career Development Program Grants: Sara Johnson and Anna Joy Springer have been awarded Faculty Career Development Program grants for 2007-2008. Congratulations to both!


MA Degrees:

Patrick Gleason – February 28, 2007, MA Literatures in English
"Dancing with Ghosts: Sherman Alexi's Indian Killer and the Haunting of Historical Memory"

Jessica Audino -- March 19, 2007, MA Literatures in English

Qualifying Exam: Jin Liu – March 9, 2007 (also received an MA in Comparative Literature)


César E. Chávez 2007 Celebration

March 30 - May 7

Campus events include:

April 2: activist and author Enriqueta Vasquez will speak on Chicana Activism During the Viet Nam War Era at 3 p.m. in the Cross-Cultural Center.  Professors Dionne Espinoza of California State University, Los Angeles and Lorena Oropeza of UC Davis will comment. April 3: César E. Chávez Celebration Kickoff Luncheon will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Institute of the Americas. UCSD alumnus Victor Nieblas and San Diego activist Olivia Puentes-Reynolds will be recognized for their work to further the ideals of Cesar E. Chávez in their communities. April 17: Rudy Guevarra, UCSD professor of history, will speak on Mabuhay Compañero: Interethnic Coalitions, 1920s - 1960s at noon at the Cross-Cultural Center.

Saidiya Hartman

Professor of English & Comparative Literature
Columbia University

Faculty and Graduate Student Seminar
Wednesday, April 4, 1:00 - 3:00 pm
deCerteau Room, 155 Literature Building

Free Public Lecture “The Dead Book”
From Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route
Thursday, April 5, 4:00 pm , Atkinson Hall (Cal IT2) Auditorium

Saidiya Hartman is a specialist in African American literature and history whose theoretical and literary contributions to our understanding of slavery are profound and original. Professor Hartman's first book, Scenes of Subjection: Terror, Slavery, and Self-Making in Nineteenth-Century America is an erudite and subtle exploration of the intersections of enslavement, gender, desire, and the making of liberal reason in the United States. Worked through an engagement with a variety of cultural materials – slave narratives, song and dance, legal texts, journals, diaries, and narratives – Hartman explores the unstable institution of slave power.

The Generation of Friendship:
The Poetry of Saharan Exiles
Bahia M. H. Awah & Zahra Hasnaui
Wednesday, April 4, 2007 – 3:00 pm
deCerteau Room, 3155 Literature Building

Bahia M. H. Awah is a journalist and writer who has worked for the Spanish National Radio in the Sahara and for Radio Guiniguada in the Canary Islands. He currently lives and works in Madrid. Zahra Hasnaui is a poet and activist living in Guadalajara, Spain. Both are members of Generación de la Amistad Saharaui, a poetry collective of exiled Saharan intellectuals living in Spain who use poetry to further awareness of the culture and politics of the Western Sahara, with special attention to the role of Saharawi women.

New Writing Series
Spring 2007

Wednesday, April 4 – 4:30 pm - Juliana Spahr

Wednesday, April 11 - 4:30 pm - Jaime Hernandez

Friday, April 13 – 7:00 pm - Sister Spit: The Next Generation

Wednesday, May 8 – 4:30 pm - Chris Abani

Wednesday, May 16 - 4:30 pm - Lucy Corin

UCSD Center for the Humanities
Religion and Violence * Spring 2007 Lecture Series
Tuesdays, April 10 – May 8, 2007, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
deCerteau Room, 155 Literature Building

APRIL 10 - Patrick Patterson UCSD History - Is Islam a Religion of War? Some Answers from the History of the Balkans
APRIL 17 - Deborah Hertz UCSD History - “The Empire of Darkness: Why Jewish Women Became Radicals in Russia and Beyond
APRIL 24 - Richard Madsen UCSD Sociology - Democracy’s Dharma: Religious Renaissance and Political Development in Taiwan
MAY 1 - Reading of the play “THREE NIGHTS IN PRAGUE” by Allan Havis UCSD Theatre & Dance
MAY 8 - Babak Rahimi UCSD Literature - Forget “Suicide Terrorism”: Three Models of Martyrdom in Post-Baathist Iraq


presents Bel
én Gopegui Award-Winning Spanish Writer

Belén Gopegui is renowned in Spain for her six novels, two film scripts, and commentaries in El País and El Mundo. Despite her young age, she is considered one of Spain’s leading intellectuals.

Meet Belén Gopegui at one of her campus appearances during her week-long visit:

Monday, April 16, 4:00 pm – deCerteau Room, 155 Literature Building
Belén Gopegui joins experts from Spain, the University of Michigan, UC Irvine, and UCSD in a roundtable discussion on the culture of the left in contemporary Spain. This conversation will be in Spanish.

Tuesday, April 17, 7:00 pm – Great Hall, Eleanor Roosevelt College
Belén Gopegui presents the 2007 James K. Binder Lectureship in Literature, "Un pistoletazo en medio de un concierto" acerca de escribir de política en una obra literaria [“A Gun Shot in the Middle of a Concert” On Writing about Politics in a Literary Work]The lecture will be in Spanish, with English translation available in advance. The Q&A will be bi-lingual, with English translations provided.

Thursday, April 19, 5:30 pm – Groundwork Books
Belén Gopegui meets with graduate and undergraduate students for a discussion of her latest novel, El lado frió de la almohada, and the fate of the Cuban Revolution. This conversation will be primarily in Spanish, with English translations as needed.

La UABC en UCSD  (The Universidad Autónoma de Baja California at the University of California, San Diego)

The series brings poets, scholars, playwrights, and critics from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Tijuana campus, to UCSD to showcase their creative and scholarly works in the Department of Literature. Talks are in Spanish, deCerteau Room, 155 Literature Building

Thursday, April 19, 2007 – 4:00 pm: María del Carmen Castañeda. “Pedro Páramo: ficción o mito” Essayist and critic. Former commentator for the literary program La Tertulia, in Radio Estéreo-Frontera. Coordinator of the Literature Program at the UABC. Sponsored by the Division of Arts and Humanities and the Department of Literature. Contact: Max Parra

Roderick Ferguson
 "The Relevance of Race for the Study of Sexuality"

Friday, April 20, 2007 at 3:00 pm
de Certeau Room 155 Literature Building

Roderick Ferguson is Associate Professor in the Department of American Studies at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and an affiliated faculty in Women's Studies and African American Studies. Ferguson is an interdisciplinary scholar best known for his theoretical work on the intersection of race and sexuality within U.S. modernity. He is the author of Aberrations in Black: Toward a Queer of Color Critique (University of Minnesota, 2003), a work that analyzes the relationship between the construction of African Americans in the canonical sociology of Gunnar Myrdal, Ernest Burgess, Robert Park, Daniel Patrick Moynihan and William Julius Wilson, and in African American literature by Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, and Toni Morrison. He is currently working on a book about the uses of rationality in the post-civil rights academy. His article, “The Parvenue Baldwin and the Other Side of Redemption: Modernity, Race, Sexuality and the Cold War,” received the Modern Language Association Crompton-Noll Award in 2000. Co-sponsored by the Departments of Literature and Ethnic Studies and the Critical Gender Studies Program Contact: Lisa Lowe  

Paradigms Influx: New Perspectives on Shifting Grounds in Contemporary China and Chinese Studies
UC-San Diego, April 20-22, 2007.
All Friday and Saturday panels are held in Deutz Room, Institute of the Americas Building (453);
the Sunday morning panel is held in deCerteau Room, Literature Building (627). Contact: Yingjin Zhang


Dialogues in Sexuality Studies II - "Imperialism and Citizenship"
Featuring: Nayan Shah
Associate Professor of History, UCSD and Chris Guzaitis, PhD Candidate, Department of Literature, UCSD
moderator: Lisa Lowe, Professor of Comparative Literature, UCSD
Thursday, April 25, 5-7 pm, LGBT Resource Center,


Stewart Prize & Saier Award for Undergraduate Students

Spring is upon us, and that means it's time for the Department of Literature’s annual Stewart Prize in Poetry ($300 prize) and the Milton Saier Award in Fiction ($1,000 prize)! Feeling creative? Please come by the Undergraduate Literature Office and pick up an entry form.

The contest rules are simple. To enter the Saier Award in Fiction you need to submit one piece of fiction, 25 pages maximum, and to enter the Stewart Prize in Poetry you can submit up to 5 poems. More detailed information is included on the entry forms. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS WEDNESDAY, MAY 2nd. The winners will be announced at the Spring Celebration of the Arts Reading and Reception on May 30. We hope you will join us!