October 2005 News


Alain J.-J. Cohen
 "Laclos's Epistolary Battlefield and Filmic Semiotics." Interdisciplinary Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis 9.2 (Fall 2005): 165-183.

Stephen Cox
 "Pictures of Myself." [Early 20C photography] Liberty 19 (July 2005): 35-39.

"Doing What Comes 'Naturally.'" [Liberal utopianism in A. S. Neill's Summerhill and James Hilton's Lost Horizon] Liberty 19 (August 2005): 15-21.

Mel Freilicher
"One or Two Things I Know About Kathy Acker." [essay] Sunshine/Noir: Writing from San Diego and Tijuana. Ed. Jim Miller. San Diego: San Diego City Works Press, 2005. Rpt. San Diego Reader 14.39 (29 Sept 2005).

Lisa Lowe
"Insufficient Difference." Ethnicities 5.3 (2005): 409-414.

George Mariscal
 Brown-Eyed Children of the Sun: Lessons from the Chicano Movement, 1965-1975. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2005.

Brown-Eyed Children of the Sun is a new study of the Chicano/a movement, El Movimiento, and its multiple ideologies from a broad cultural perspective. "This book is a rich tapestry of provocative ideas and untold history."
               --Howard Zinn, author, A People's History of the United States

Pasquale Verdicchio
trans. Dark Man by Roberto Pace. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2005.
Dark Man, a bizarre anti-hero, sets an imaginary central Europe into a frenzy in this work portraying the horrors of life in present-day Europe. Using his powers of temptation and enticement, this anti-heroic figure begins to seep under the skin of the people he meets and to transform their lives while they remain in blissful ignorance of his purposes.

Yingjin Zhang published two new articles in Chinese:
 “Urban Space, Consumer Culture, and Historical Reconstruction.” Cultural Studies and Literary Theory [Chengdu] 11 (2004): 169-77.

“Secrets behind Hollywood’s Success: Cultural Industry and Strategies of Globalization.” Jiefang Daily [Shanghai] Sept. 11, 2005: 8.



Sarah Shun-lien Bynum
Associate Professor of Writing

Ms. Bynum received her BA in English and American Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing magna cum laude from Brown University in 1995 and an MFA in Fiction Writing from the prestigious University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 2000. She is the author of several highly regarded short stories, including one that was listed as a “Distinguished Story of 2000,” and another that was reprinted as one of The Best American Short Stories of 2004. Her first novel, Madeleine is Sleeping (Harcourt 2004), was a finalist for the National Book Award for fiction. Ms. Bynum will join the faculty in our writing section and offer undergraduate courses and graduate seminars on such topics as writing novels, short fiction, and contemporary literature in English.


Luis Martin-Cabrera
Assistant Professor of Peninsular and Latin American Literature and Culture

Mr. Martin-Cabrera has completed his studies in Spanish and Latin American Literature at the University of Michigan and will receive his PhD in December 2005. His dissertation, “El No-Lugar: novela policial y testimonio en las postdictaduras de España y el Cono Sur” [The No-Place: Detective Fiction and the Testimonio in the post-dictatorships of Spain and the Southern Cone], explores what has become the dominant genre of contemporary Spanish-language fiction in relation to the political dictatorships of the recent past. Mr. Martin-Cabrera’s teaching will focus primarily on twentieth-century Spanish peninsular literature, culture, and film, but he can also offer courses on such topics as the Literature of the Southern Cone, Contemporary Latin American Literature, and the Latin American novel, thus adding a welcome trans-Atlantic component to our offerings in Literatures in Spanish.

Babak Rahimi
Assistant Professor of Iranian and Islamic Studies

Dr. Rahimi received his Ph.D. from the Department of Social and Political Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, in 2004. In his dissertation, “Between Carnival and Mourning: The Muharram rituals and the Emergence of the Early Modern Iranian Public Sphere in the Safavi Period, 1590-1641 C.E.,” Rahimi considers the social function of public rituals performed in commemoration of the death of Husayn, the grandson of Mohammed, in 680 C.E. In addition to his research interest in the history of Islam in the early modern period, Rahimi is also a prolific commentator on contemporary Iranian culture and politics. He will teach core courses for the Program for the Study of Religion and upper-division courses on the history of Islam and Islamic civilization. Future teaching may include courses on Persian literature and lectures for the Making of the Modern World.

Anna Joy Springer
Assistant Professor of Writing

Ms. Springer received her BA in Creative Writing and Literature from the New College of California in 1996 and her MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University in 2002. She is a talented writer who has published many short prose pieces in anthologies and journals and who is currently completing two longer fictional works. Ms. Springer has also performed in musical groups, written song lyrics, produced albums, and staged intermedia installations and performances. Her works address questions of gender and sexuality, religion, and identity-formation from a feminist perspective. Ms. Springer will become a core member of the department’s Writing Section and offer courses at the undergraduate and graduate level on such topics as experimental writing, short fiction, the novella, and creative non-fiction.



Marivi Blanco, Writing
LTWR/120 - Creative Non-Fiction

Abbie Cory, Literatures in English
LTEN/146 - Women Writers of the Romantic Period

Edda Hodnett, German
LTGM/2A - Intermediate German

Stanya Kahn, Writing
LTWR/112 - Adapting Literature to the Screen

Lindy Laub, Writing
LTWR/110 - Screen Writing

Daniel Mato (Visiting Professor), Literatures of the World
LTWL/121 History, Memory and Popular Culture

Shawna Overton, Program for the Study of Religion
REL/188 Special Topics in Religion

Santiago Rubio, Classics
LTLA/100 Introduction to Latin Literature

Beheroze Shroff, Literatures in English
LTEN/150 Gender, Text and Culture

Laurie Weeks, Writing
LTWR/113 Intercultural Writing


Sook Hee Cho - Associate Professor, Department of English Languages and Literature
Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea
Sponsor: Lisa Lowe
Period of Visit: 2005-2006 academic year


Setsu Shigematsu – University of California Presidential Postdoctoral Scholar
Sponsor: Lisa Yoneyama
Period of Appointment: September 2005 - February 2006



UCSD alumni enrolled in the PhD program include:
Pedro Camacho-Franco, who received his BA in Spanish Literature, and
Daniel Quiros
, who received an MA in Latin American Studies.

Lenna Odeh
, who received her BA in Literatures of the World, will be pursuing an MA in Comparative Literature.

Other new graduate students come to us with a variety of experience. They include:

PhD students
Juliana Cho
, BA in English, UC Berkeley
Kimberly Chung
, BA in Comparative Literary Studies, Northwestern University
Tania Jabour
, BA in English, USD
Erik Kuniholm
, MA in English and Comparative Literature, SDSU
Yumi Pak
, BA in Literature/Women’s Studies, UC Santa Cruz
Dixa Ramirez
, BA in Comparative Literature, Brown University
Mary Reid
, MA in English, University of Alberta
Jamie Rosenthal
, BA in Literature, UC Santa Cruz
Lauren Smith
, MA in English Literature, Brown University
Sabrina Starnaman
, MA in East Asian Languages and Culture, Columbia University
James Wicks
, MA in English, Oregon State University

MA students
Jessica Cole
, BFA, Emerson College
Catherine Gmuca
, BA in French and Chinese, Arizona State University at Tempe
Intan Paramanditha
, Sarjana in Literarature, University of Indonesia
Gabriela Santizo
, BA in Spanish Literature and Political Science, UC Berkeley
Allison Winston
, BA in English, CSU Sacramento



Richard Cohen has been promoted to Associate Professor effective July 1, 2005.
George (Jorge) Mariscal has been promoted to Professor effective July 1, 2005.
Roddey Reid has been promoted to Professor effective July 1, 2005.



Executive Committee
Chair: Don E. Wayne
Vice-Chair: Michael Davidson
Members: Oumelbanine Zhiri, Meg Wesling, (one position TBD)

Director of Graduate Studies - Oumelbanine Zhiri
Director of Undergraduate Studies - Donald Wesling

Please see the department's website for names of section heads and advisors, as follows:
section heads - http://literature.ucsd.edu/sections.html

graduate advisors - http://literature.ucsd.edu/grad/gradadvisors.html
undergraduate advisors - http://literature.ucsd.edu/ugrad/ugadvisors.html

Graduate Studies Committee
President: Gabriela McEvoy
English: Jamie Rosenthal and Elizabeth Steeby
Comparative: Michelle Stuckey
Cultural Studies: Benjamin Balthaser and David Najar
Spanish: Carlos Martell
Composition: Iris Ruiz
ABD rep: Paige Sanderson
Director of Graduate Studies

Graduate Advisors



The ensemble comedy "Manna from Heaven," produced by Jennifer Burton, was released on DVD on July 12. "Manna from Heaven" is an independent comedy about what happens when you find a lot of money -- but many years later, have to pay it back.

For more information, visit: http://www.fivesistersproductions.com

Clarissa Cló
has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of European Studies and Director of the Italian Studies Program at San Diego State University.

Marta Gonzalez was awarded a $3,000 Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity Summer Dissertation Fellowship.

Leslie Hammer received a TA Excellence Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Eleanor Roosevelt College’s Making of the Modern World Writing Program, 2004-2005.

Artwork by Stephanie Jed and paintings by Peter Larsen are on display at Art Produce Gallery through October 23. You are invited to attend the Ray at Night reception on Saturday, October 8, 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

The gallery is located at 3139 University Avenue -- a few blocks east of 30th Street and two blocks west of the 805 University exit. The gallery hours are the same as the adjoining Caffé Forte:
Mon.-Fri. 7:00-7:00, Sat.-Sun. 7:00-4:00.

Yi-li Kao has been offered the position of Curatorial Associate of East Asian Art at the San Diego Museum of Art.

Milos (Misha) Kokotovic has been appointed director of the Latin American Studies Program (LAS) and co-director of the Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies (CILAS).

George (Jorge) Mariscal has been named Associate Director of CCCP (California Cultures in Comparative Perspective Program).

Carlos Martell received the Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) fellowship for the year 2005-06.

Irene Mata was awarded a $3,000 dissertation summer fellowship by UCSD's Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity.

Gabriela Nunez has received a UC MEXUS dissertation fellowship.

William O'Brien has been named UCSD's Distinguished Teacher for 2005 by the UCSD Alumni Association.

Irmary Reyes-Santos participated in an interdisciplinary summer graduate seminar entitled "Interrogating the African Diaspora: African Diaspora Identities" hosted by Florida International University.

Kim Stanley Robinson has been awarded the UCSD Alumni Association's Professional Achievement Award for 2005.

Lehigh University Press announces publication of Jerome Rothenberg’s Experimental Poetry and Jewish Tradition by Christine A. Meilicke. Exploring the interplay of American poetry and American Judaism, this book demonstrates ways in which Jerome Rothenberg contributes to the creation of an American Jewish avant-garde poetry and a contemporary Jewish diaspora identity. For details, see the Lehigh University Press website.


PhD Defenses:

Neda Atanasoski – September 7, 2005
"Racial Orientations: U.S. Nationalism and the Production of Eastern Europe in the Mapping of the Free World, 1950-2004"

Nathalie JosephLynch – June 3, 2005
"Women's Entrepreneurial Labor in 1910-1950's America"

Yi-li Kao – June 6, 2005
"Chinese Poetry and Painting in Postwar Taiwan: Angst and Transformation in the Negotiation between Tradition and Modernity"

Esther Lezra – June 7, 2005
"Looking for Monsters: Mechanisms of History"

Sangeeta Mediratta – June 8, 2005
"Bazaars, Cannibals, and Sepoys: Sensationalism and Empire in Nineteenth Century Britain and United States"

Pamela Morgan Redela – June 8, 2005
"The Violent Everyday: Women and the Public and Private Divide in the Short Fiction of Ana Lydia Vega and Rosario Ferré"

MA Defenses:

Stephanie Margaret Farrar – June 9, 2005 – MA Literatures in English
"The Performative Construction of Identity in Gertrude Stein’s Plays"

Guillermo Girón – June 6, 2005 – MA Literatures in Spanish
"Sismo geológico y sismo social: Huracán corazón del cielo de Franz Galich"

Ariel Zatarin Tumbaga – June 2, 2005 – MA Literatures in Spanish
"Cuerpos didáctivos: un tudio sobre la reprensentación del cuerpo en Los de abajo y El águila y la serpiente"

Craig Bradshaw Woelfel – June 3, 2005 – MA Literatures in English
"'We had the experience but missed the meaning': A Comparative Study of the Crisis of Faith in T. S. Eliot and E.M. Forster"

Qualifying Exams:

Michael Joseph Grattan – June 10, 2005

Shih-Szu Hsu – June 1, 2005 (also received an MA in Literatures in English)

Morelia Portillo Rivas – June 7, 2005 (also received an MA in Literatures in Spanish)

Paige Sanderson – June 6, 2005


Honors students feted at a reception held on Wednesday, June 8, included Jessica Elena Bagley, Andrea Marie Cartwright, Jessica Lynn Colomb, Sara Louise Hahn, Ngoc Thi Hong, Megan H. Ma, Margaret Shanahan Manson, Theodore Alfred McCombs, Leonor Rodriguez McCrory, Julia Christina Roach, Martin H. Swartz, Charisse Scuiva, Melanie Marie Smith, and Alissa Walters.

Special congratulations to Theodore Alfred McCombs and Jessica Lynn Colomb, who shared the Sherley Anne Williams Prize, and to Leonor Rodriguez McCrory, who was awarded the Sigurd Burckhardt Award.



Literature graduate José B. Monleón, vice chair and professor of Modern Spanish Literature, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at The Johns Hopkins University, passed away on August 11, 2005. Monleón, who received his BA from UCSD, entered the department's graduate program in 1979 and was awarded a PhD in spring 1984. Before joining Johns Hopkins in the summer of 2002, he taught at Dartmouth College and at UCLA.

Professor of 19th and 20th century Spanish literature as well as of literary theory, Monleón had just completed Literature and Dictatorship: The Novel under Franco, a book-length manuscript analyzing the relationship between narrative strategies and the control of the public sphere. In addition to numerous articles that appeared in specialized journals or books in both Europe and the US, he published annotated editions, with extensive critical introductions, of works by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Juan Valera, and Benito Pérez Galdós (the latter in conjunction with Barbara Zecchi), and he edited or co-edited volumes dealing with cultural issues such as Modernism, Post-modernism and Francoist culture. He was also the author of A Specter Is Haunting Europe: A Socio-historic Approach to the Fantastic.

In his tribute to Monleón, Stephen G. Nichols, Chair of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Johns Hopkins, writes: "José was not simply a good teacher; he was a gifted one. His passion for literature, particularly the modern Spanish novel, drew upon his understanding of how deeply the historic events of the late 19th and 20th century in Spain influenced literary perspectives. ...José Monleón was with us for only three short years. But what a difference he made, and what a vast void he leaves!"

Lucinda Rubio-Barrick


New Writing Series
Fall 2005

Vis Arts Performance Space 4:30

Join UCSD poets
David Antin, Rae Armantrout, Michael Davidson, Jerome Rothenberg, and Pasquale Verdicchio as they celebrate the publication of The PIP Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century, Vol. 5: Innovative Poetry in Southern California, edited by Douglas Messerli. Messerli and other LA poets will be reading as well. The publication of this anthology marks a step toward giving So Cal literature the attention it has sometimes missed.



Vis Arts Performance Space 4:30

Vis Arts Performance Space 4:30

For details, go to the New Writing Series website: http://literature.ucsd.edu/news/currentevents/writingseries.html


Burke Lecture Series

Diane L. Eck

Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies
at Harvard University
and Director of the Pluralism Project

Thursday, October 6, 2005  - 8:00 pm
Price Center Theater

As a scholar of the religious traditions of India, Professor Eck has published Banaras, City of Light, and Darsan: Seeing the Divine Image in India. Her book Encountering God: A Spiritual Journey from Bozeman to Banaras is about religious difference in a world of many faiths. With the Pluralism Project, she has turned her attention to the United States and produced the CD-ROM, On Common Ground: World Religions in America, for which she received a National Humanities Medal in 1998 from President Clinton. Her latest book is A New Religious America: How A 'Christian' Country Has Become the World's Most Religiously Diverse Nation. Diana L. Eck and her partner, Dorothy A. Austin, are Masters of Lowell House, one of Harvard's twelve residential houses for undergraduates.

Professor Eck will also be speaking on "Religious Controversies in American Public Life - Theological and Civic Perspectives" on Friday, October 7 at 11:00 am in the Faculty Club Lounge.


November 10
Michael Davidson will be awarded the Roy Harvey Pearce Prize and will present a lecture entitled "Tree Tangled in Tree: Re-Siting Poetry in ASL" @ Seuss Room, Geisel Library, 4:00 pm. Reception to follow.

November 16
The Faculty Lecture Series presents Nicole Tonkovich
"Domestic Imperialism: Allotment, Sovereignty, and Subjectivity among the Nez Perces, 1889-1892” @ deCerteau Room, 12:00 noon

ACADEMIC SENATE – RESEARCH FUNDS The next deadline for submission of applications for funds for research support is 2:00 pm October 14, 2005.

ACADEMIC SENATE - TRAVEL TO A SCHOLARLY MEETING The next deadline for submission of Travel to a Scholarly Meeting applications is 2:00 pm October 14, 2005.

APPLICATION FORMS for Academic Senate funding are available at http://www-senate.ucsd.edu/cor/applications/corapps.htm

UC President's Research Fellowships in the Humanities

This program will provide up to $25,000 to augment other resources and is to be used for salary only. The minimum award period is two quarters or one semester. Assistant professors receive special consideration.

Deadline: October 14, 2005

The California Council for the Humanities

The California Story Fund supports public humanities projects that bring to light new and compelling stories from California's diverse communities. Deadline: December 1, 2005. http://www.calhum.org/guidelines/guidelines_main.htm
The Rockefeller Foundation Resident Fellowships in the Humanities 2006-2007

The Rockefeller Foundation announces six resident fellowships with varying application deadlines:

"The Child on the Wing: Children Negotiating the Everyday in the Geography of Violence" Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University
"How do the Poor Constitute Community?" Program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Center for International and Comparative Studies and Program in African Studies, Northwestern University
"Theorizing Cultural Heritage" Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage Smithsonian Institution
"Latino Chicago: A Model for Emerging Latinidades?" Latin American and Latino Studies Program University of Illinois at Chicago
"Culture, Art, Trauma, Survival, Development: Vietnamese Contexts William Joiner center for the Study of War and Social Consequences University of Massachusetts, Boston
"Program in Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies University of Notre Dame

For details, please see poster on the board outside Lucinda's office.

Numerous other funding opportunities are available on the department's funding opportunities web page, http://literature.ucsd.edu/funding.

American Studies Association, November 3-6, 2005 – Washington, DC
(Register by October 4 to receive group rates.)

Modern Language Association, December 27-30, 2005 – Washington, DC
(Registration fees increase after December 1.)