November 2004 News


Stephen Cox
The Woman and the Dynamo: Isabel Paterson and the Idea of America. New Brunswick,  NJ: Transaction, 2004.

Mel Freilicher
Recent fiction in poeticinhalation, online literary journal:
 - October 2004:  "A Literary Li(f)e." 
 - August 2004:  "Mountain of Diamonds: Character" and "Exoticism: Fax Back in Languor." 

Marcel Hénaff
"Conversation  with Lévi-Strauss." [translated into Japanese] Misuzu 520 (September 2004): 4-29.

Masao Miyoshi
"Globalization and the United States." [in Japanese]. Gendai no America. Ed. Yoshimi Shunya et al. Tokyo: Daishukan Shoten, 2004. 92-107. 

Jerome Rothenberg
Ed. and introductions with Pierre Joris. Pablo Picasso: The Burial of the Count of Orgaz & Other Poems. Afterword by Michel Leiris. Cambridge, MA: Exact Change Publishers, 2004.

A Book of Concealments. Tucson: Chax Press, 2004.

25 Caprichos, after Goya. With facing Spanish translations by Heriberto Yépez. Tenerife, Spain: Kadle Books, 2004.

Shelley Streeby
“Sensational Fiction.” Blackwell Companion to American Fiction, 1780-1865. Ed. Shirley Samuels. London: Blackwell, 2004. 

Wai-lim Yip
“Water’s words.” [lyrical prose], United Daily News [Taipei] 4 September 2004: literary page..

“The carefree world of Calligrapher Dong Yangzi’s art.” [review article] China Times [Taipei] 14 October 2004: literary page.


Yingjin Zhang
Chinese National Cinema. London: Routledge, 2004; 328 pages.

Part of Routledge’s national cinemas series,  this book covers the entire film history of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Issued in both cloth and paperback editions, it contains 40 illustrations and 29 tables of statistics.



Page duBois gave the fifteenth annual George Walsh Memorial Lecture for the Classics Department at the University of Chicago, entitled: "'The History of the Impossible': Ancient Utopias," on October 15.

Leslie Hammer's paper “Fighting like a ‘Lady’ for Native Hawaiian Sovereignty: American Sentimental Culture and Queen Lili‘uokalani’s Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen” has been awarded an Honorable Mention for the 2004 American Studies Association (ASA) Gene Wise-Warren Susman Prize for the outstanding graduate essay. She will also be presenting this paper at the annual ASA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, November 11-14, 2004.

Lisa Lowe gave the keynote address at "Questions of Comparison: New Approaches to Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity" at the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University, October 15-16, 2004. Her lecture was titled
 "The Returns of Freedom: Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity."

Kim Stanley Robinson, who launched his successful writing career soon after receiving  his PhD in English in 1982,  returned to campus to meet with students on Wednesday, October 27, and present a free public lecture entitled "Science As One of the Humanities" on Thursday, October 28. Robinson's visit was sponsored by the UCSD Center for the Humanities.

Dessa Rose, a musical based on Sherley Anne Williams' novel, is making its way toward Broadway. Produced by the makers of Ragtime, Dessa Rose is scheduled to open at New York City's Lincoln Center in March, with previews in February.


MA Defense

Andrea Righi - October 26, 2004 - MA, Literatures in English
"Poetry in the age of immaterial production.  A study of the poetics of Language Poetry"

Qualifying Exams

José de Pierola
 - September 30, 2004

Chuong-Dai Vo - October 25, 2004



NEW WRITING SERIES - Harryette Mullen is scheduled to read on Wednesday, November 10, at 4:30 pm at the Visual Arts Performance Space.

The Humanities Dialogues
Stephen Yablo, Professor of Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
 "Imagination and Its Limits"
Thursday, November 18, 7:30 p.m.
deCerteau Room, 155 Literature Building

Poetry Reading by students from Anna Joy Springer's LTWR 129 class, Distributing Literature
Monday, November 22, 5:00 pm
Visual Arts Performance Space

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 American Studies Association
, November 11-14, 2004 – Atlanta
  Modern Language Association, December 27-30, 2004 – Philadelphia
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