February/March 2002 News

New Publications

Alain J.-J. Cohen. "A Clockwork Orange de Kubrick. La violence et la règle." L’hospitalité: signes et rites. Centre de recherches sur les littertures modernes et contemporaines. Presses Universitaires Blaise Pascal, 2001: 257-267.

Davidson, Michael, ed. George Oppen: New Collected Poems. New York: New Directions, 2002.
"Missing Larry: The Poetics of Disability in the Work of Larry Eigner." Sagetrieb 18:1 (Spring 1999 [2002]): 5-27. 
"Translation." Trans. Jacques Darra. Aujourd’hui: Poeme 26 (Dec 2001).

Arthur Droge. "Retrofitting/Retiring ‘Syncretism.’" Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques 27 (2001): 375-387.

Marcel Hénaff. Le Prix de la vérité: Le don, l’argent, la philosophie. Paris: Editions du Seuill, 2002.
"Argumentaire: du don cérémoniel à la politique de la reconnaissance. Esprit 2 (2002), 159-165.
"De la philosophie à l’anthropologie. Comment interpréter le don?" [Interview] Esprit 2 (2002), 135-158.
"L’argent et le hors-de-prix." Esprit 2 (2002), 166-177.

Stephanie Jed and Pasquale Verdicchio, Trans. The Holy Land. Essential Poets Series 111. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2001.

Masao Miyoshi. "Turn to the Planet: Literature, Diversity, and Totality." Special Issue on Globalization and the Humanities. Comparative Literature 53:4 (Fall 2001), 283-297.

Masao Miyoshi. "The University and the ‘Global’ Economy: The Cases of the United States and Japan." Special Issue on "Millennial Japan: Rethinking the Nation in the Age of Recession." The South Atlantic Quarterly, 99:4 (Fall 2000), 669-696.

Wai-lim Yip. "Follow the Steps to Spring" (Chinese Poem). The United Daily [Taipei, Taiwan] 17 Jan. 2002 literary supplement.
"Globalization and the Literature of Hong Kong after Her ‘Return’ (to China)." Hong Kong Literature as/and Cultural Studies. Ed. Zhang Meijun and Zhu Yaowei, Hong Kong: Oxford University Press, 2002.
"Momiji Hot Spring Hotel" (Chinese Poem and Prose). China Times [Taipei, Taiwan] 12 Dec. 2001 literary supplement.

UCSD Center for the Humanities Awards

The Center for the Humanities informs us that the Department of Literature captured the lion’s share of its 2002/2003 awards.

Faculty Fellowships - Kudos to the following faculty members who submitted successful applications!
John Blanco
Richard Cohen
Arthur Droge
George Mariscal
Yingjin Zhang

Fred Randel -- travel to a conference
Yingjin Zhang -- hosting a visiting scholar

Graduate Fellowships - Congratulations to the recipients of the Center for the Humanities Graduate Student Fellowship Awards!
Clarissa Clo
Kathy Glass

Awards and Achievements

In January, Alain J.-J. Cohen presented the keynote address, "On the paths of Kubrick's Paths of Glory," at the Conference on War and Media Violence held at the Memorial Museum of World War I, in Peronne, France.

Marcel Hénaff’s new book, La prix de la verité, released in early February, has garnered attention in France, beginning with the respected journal Esprit, which devoted half of its February issue to the book. In addition to a long interview and two excerpts (as cited in on the first page of this newsletter), the February Esprit includes three commentaries about La prix de la verité: "Le don, l’argent, la philiosphie. Presentation du Prix de la vérité," by Gérald Sfez; "Le sacrifice dans l’économie du don," by Paul Dumouchel; and "La nouvelle philanthropie américaine et l’esprit du capitalisme," by Marc Abélès.

Fanny Howe’s Selected Poems has been awarded the 2001 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize, a $10,000 award granted annually to the most outstanding book of poems published in the United States by an American. For additional information and Ann Lauterbach’s review, see The Nation, Feb. 4, 2002, 33-34.

Sandra Logan, Ph.D. (Fall 2000) is extremely pleased to report that she has accepted a tenure-track position as an assistant professor of English Literature (early modern) at Michigan State University.

Graduate student Barry Masuda has accepted a position as assistant professor of English at the University of Hawaii-Manoa.

The art of Pasquale Verdicchio is appearing in two local galleries in March.

  • "Correspondence: Works on Paper" presented in a group show at the Porter Troupe Gallery, 301 Spruce Street, San Diego, February 15 - March 30. 
  • Photographs in a group show at the Flux Gallery, 655 10th Avenue, San Diego, opening March 8.
Exams and Defenses

Aaron Eastley - Ph.D. Qualifying Examination - writing portion Fall 2001, oral portion Winter 2002

Haein Park - Ph.D. Qualifying Examination, Fall 2001


The Group for the Study of 9.11 and Global Emergencies Winter Quarter Public Forum
presents Professor Aijaz Ahmad
"Southwestern Asia after September 11"
Monday, March 4, 4:00 – 7:00
Michel deCerteau Room, 155 Literature Building

Aijaz Ahmad is Professorial Fellow at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library in New Delhi, India, and Professor of Political Science at York University in Ontario, Canada. He is the author of In Theory: Classes, Nations, Literatures (1998) and Lineages of the Present: Ideological and Political Genealogies of Contemporary South Asia (2001). In his presentation, Professor Ahmad will speak about politics, religious conflicts, and regional strife in South Asia before and after September 11. 

NEW WRITING SERIES, Winter Quarter 2002
All events take place at 4:30 p.m. in the Visual Arts Facility Performance Space.

Wednesday, March 6: Elizabeth Algravez, Eduardo Arrellano, Carlos Gutierrez, and Heriberto Yepez, young poets from Baja California, Mexico. Their work appears in Al Otro Lado /Across The Line, edited by Mark Weiss and Harry Polkinhorn (Junction Press, 2002). Mark Weiss will join the poets to read from his translations of their work.

Professor Donald Pease
"The Politics of Postnational American Studies"
Friday, March 8, 4:00 p.m.
Michel de Certeau Room, 155 Literature Building

Professor Pease heads the Futures of American Studies Institute held each summer at Dartmouth College and will be available after his talk to meet with graduate students and faculty in American literature and cultural studies who would like more information about the institute. Donald Pease is the author of Visionary Compacts: American Renaissance Writings in Cultural Context (1987), and is editor of numerous volumes in American studies, including (with Amy Kaplan) The Cultures of United States Imperialism (1993), and National Identities and Post-Americanist Narratives (1994).

Graduate Student Colloquium
Monday, March 11, 4:15 p.m.
Michel de Certeau Room, 155 Literature Building

This is an opportunity for 1st and 2nd year graduate students to meet with faculty and recently qualified graduate students for guidance in their long- and short-range preparations for both exam formats.

Regents’ Lecturer Nuruddin Farah
Tuesday, April 2, 3:00 p.m.
Nuruddin Farah, award-winning Somali writer, will give his department talk on April 2. Details follow.

UCSD and the Department of Literature will host the 28th Annual Meeting of the African Literature Association, April 3-7, 2002. The conference will be based at the Radisson La Jolla, with evening events held in several locations. Over 200 scholarly papers will be presented over the five days of the conference. Guest speakers will include Kamau Brathwaite (Barbados), Ngugi wa Thiong'o (Kenya), Sindiwe Magona (South Africa), and Okey Ndibe (Nigeria). The proceedings are open to ALA members and non-members for a fee. Contact Bob Cancel or Winnie Woodhull for more details.

Research/Fellowship Opportunities

The Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and United States Universities sponsors grants for visiting professors, individual research, study of Spanish cinema, publications, symposia and seminars, and dissemination of Spanish culture through the arts. Deadline April 1, 2002.

UC MEXUS funds faculty grants (up to $15,000), graduate student dissertation grants (up to $12,000 for two years), research collaborations (up to $25,000 for 1.5 years), and travel grants (up to $1,500 per year) in areas of:

  •  Mexico-Related Studies
  • Latino Studies
  • United States-Mexico Relations
  • Critical U.S.-Mexico Issues
  • Latino and Mexican Topics in the Arts

Academic Senate Seed Grants for Interdisciplinary Research
The Academic Senate is providing seed grants of $5,000 for:

  1. one faculty member to co-teach an undergraduate or graduate seminar with a faculty member from a different department and up to two quarters of support for a Graduate Student Researcher (at 50% time) to assist in the preparation of the course, or
  2. $5,000 towards the establishment of an interdisciplinary colloquium that brings together members of different departments or schools.

For more information, please see the Academic Senate web site: http://www-senate.ucsd.edu/cor/irp.html

Center for Comparative Immigration Studies Second Annual Undergraduate Research Conference – May 25, 2002
UCSD’s Center for Comparative Immigration Studies asks faculty to nominate students who have conducted independent research on international migration or refugee movements. Deadline for nominations: May 1, 2002. For more information, contact Idean Salehyan.