December 2000 News

Professor Bram Dijkstra retires from the Literature Department December 2000

Professor Dijkstra has been a member of our department for 34 years, since he joined it in 1966 as an Assistant Professor. On behalf of the department, I wish him the best in this next period of his career. Professor Dijkstra is about to embark on a complicated project which will result in a large book on American Expressionism (forthcoming from Abrams), accompanied by an art exhibition that is scheduled to travel to a number of different venues in the United States and Europe. It was in the context of considering a long leave to execute this project that he decided this would be the appropriate time to retire.

Professor Dijkstra is the author of seven books, including his well respected work on American modernist poetry and visual culture, Cubism, Stieglitz, and the Early Poetry of William Carlos Williams (1978), and the more recently acclaimed works on gender, sexuality, and culture in European modernity: Idols of Perversity: Fantasies of Feminine Evil in Fin-de-siècle Culture (1986) and Evil Sisters: The Threat of Female Sexuality and the Cult of Manhood (1996).

Professor Dijkstra will become Professor Emeritus in the Literature Department. We look forward to his return from time to time to teach his popular courses on Edgar Allen Poe and on vamps and vampires. Please join me in wishing Bram Dijkstra well in his retirement.

Lisa Lowe, Chair

Lucinda Rubio-Barrick -- 30 Years at UCSD

As of this November, Lucinda Rubio-Barrick has worked in the Literature Department for thirty years. We are most grateful that Lucinda has chosen to remain in the department, serving in many capacities since she began in 1970. As our MSO, Lucinda is an invaluable source of institutional history, practical information, and personal wisdom. She is indispensable to the smooth operations of every aspect of department life, from the oversight of our budget, to the supervision of the staff, to the management of facilities and physical space, and to advising faculty on all levels of policy and procedure.  Lucinda brings to all of her work, an equanimity, accuracy, and integrity that is simply unparalleled.

Please join me in expressing admiration and respect to our colleague, Lucinda Rubio-Barrick.

Lisa Lowe, Chair

New Publications

Daphne A. Brooks, "The Other Side of Paradise: Feminist Pedagogy, Toni Morrison Iconography, and the Oprah's Book Club Phenomenon," Step Into A World: A Global Anthology of the New Black Literature, ed. Kevin Powell. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 2000.

Abbie Cory, "Women, Rebellion, and Republicanism: The United Irish Risings of 1798 and 1803," Intertexts, special issue on women in the eighteenth century (forthcoming, Fall 2001).

Teresa Fiore, "Diasporic Crossroads: 'Italian' Transnational Migrations and the Re-definition of the Nation"/"Crocevia della diaspora: Come le migrazioni transnazionali hanno contribuito alla ridefinizione della Nazione Italia," Legendaria: Libri, Letture, Linguaggi, 23 (September 2000), special bilingual issue on Women's Studies: xvii-xix/17-19.

Marcel Hénaff, Claude Levi-Strauss et l'anthropologie structurale. Paris: Éditions Pocket-Agora, 2000, 570 pp. (1991 version updated and revised).
"Le droit au bonheur et l'amour des machines," Érotiques et Libertins, ed. P. Wald Lassowski. Paris: Pleiade, Gallimard, 2000: 1212-1223.
"La dette de sang et l'exigence de justice," Victimes, Violences, Vengeances, ed. P. Dumouchel. Laval: Presses de l'Université de Laval, 2000.

Max Parra, "Rescuing the Poetics of Popular History. Phillip Rodriguez's Pancho Villa and Other Stories," Release Print, September, 2000.

Donald Wesling, "The Representational Moment in the Discourse of the Nation: Jean Baudrillard's America," Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies, 4.1-2 (1998): 9-19 [published October 2000].

Pasquale Verdicchio, Le paysage qui bouge. Selected Poems translated and introduced by Antonio D'Alfonso. Montréal: Éditions du Noroít, 2000.
The House is Past: Poems (1978-1998). Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2000.
La nave del Mondo. Poems. Bologna: Gnams Edizioni, 2000.
Women and Lovers. Novel by Maria Ardizzi. Translated from the Italian by PasqualeVerdicchio. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2000.

Awards and Other Achievements

Todd Kontje has been nominated to serve as one of two UCSD members on the newly founded UC Consortium on Language Learning and Teaching. The Consortium has the overall mission of fostering communication and collaboration across the UC campuses, the language groups, and the various disciplines that inform the learning and teaching of foreign, classical, second, and heritage languages within the UC system.

The Association of Women in Slavic Studies has awarded Susan Larsen the 2000 Heldt Prize for "Best Article by a Woman" for her essay on "Melodramatic Masculinity, National Identity, and the Stalinist Past in Postsoviet Cinema" [Studies in 20th Century Literature, 24.1 (Winter 2000): 85-120].

Research/Fellowship Opportunities

UC Humanities Research Institute Call for Fellowships Applications for 2001-2002 Resident Research Groups
HRI invites applications from UC faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and advanced graduate students for residential fellowships to participate in one of four research groups that will convene during 2001-2002 on the UC Irvine campus: "Historical and Interpretive Approaches to Standards, Quantification and Formal Representations," Fall 2001, Convener, Susan Leigh Star, Communications, UCSD; "Placing Popular Music: Nation, Citizenship, Diaspora," Winter 2002, Convener: Josh Kun, English, UC Riverside; "Asian and Asian American Perspectives on Transnationalism and Performance," Spring 2002, Convener, Karen Shimakawa, Theatre and Dance, UC Davis; and "Reshaping the Americas: Narratives of Place," Spring 2002, Convener, Ramón A. Gutiérrez, History and Ethnic Studies, UCSD..

The deadline for receipt of faculty, postdoctoral and graduate student applications is December 15, 2000. Postdoctoral applicants must have received their Ph.D. from the UC within the past two years or by June 15, 2001. Graduate student applicants must be advanced to candidacy by the time of application.

Graduate students who are advanced to candidacy by the time of application, whose research involves humanities and medicine, and who can relate their work to one of the research group projects listed above, may also apply for an Andrew Vincent White and Florence Wales White Scholarship. Applications also must be received by December 15, 2000.

For further information and application packets, contact the Fellowship Committee at (949) 824-8177 or; or see

UCHRI Call for Program Proposals for Resident Research Groups for 2002-2003
Reminder: UCHRI is currently inviting proposals for research groups to be in residence at the Institute in 2002-2003. The groups bring together scholars to work in collaboration on interdisciplinary topics of special significance. Proposals must be received by December 15, 2000. For further details, use the contact information provided above.