January 2000 News

New Publications

Alain J.-J. Cohen, "L'effetto Paolo," Eloquio del senso. Dialoghi semiotici per Paolo Fabbri [Festschrif]. Ancona-Milano: Costa & Nolan, 1999.

Marcel Hénaff
"Levi-Strauss et la question du symbolisme," La Revue du M.A.U.S.S., 14 (Second Semestre 1999): 272-287.
"Utopía Latina, American Dream," Utopía y Experiencia en la Idea Americana, ed. Eduardo
Torres-Cuevas. La Habana: Ediciones Imagen Contemporanea: 1-19.

Masao Miyoshi, "Remainders Sale: The Humanities in the Global University." The [London] Times Higher Education Supplement will publish, in its "MLA Issue" on December 24, 1999, a version of the paper to be delivered as part of a December 28 Modern Language Association workshop tied to the presidential panel on Scholarship and Commitment.

Kristi M. Wilson, "Time, space and vision: Nicolas Roeg's 'Don't Look Now,'" Screen (Autumn, 1999).

Awards and Other Achievements

Marcel Hénaff has been awarded a fellowship to spend the 2000-2001 academic year at the Center for Research in Humanities in Kyoto, Japan, to work on the issue of "Old Cities, New Cities, and Changes in Public Space."

Todd Kontje has been elected to the Executive Committee of the Division on 18th- and Early 19th-Century German Literature of the Modern Language Association.

Exams and Defenses
The following graduate students successfully completed qualifying examinations, comprehensive examinations, or defenses during Fall Quarter 1999:

  • Kulvinder Arora, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
  • Stephen Cope, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
  • Teresa Fiore, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
  • Carlton Floyd, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
  • Philip Gunderson, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
  • Gregory Lobo, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
  • Elisa Lurkis, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
  • David Morrow, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
  • Chloe Rutter-Jensen, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
  • Elva Salinas, M.A. Comprehensive Examination
Winter Quarter Visiting Instructors

Oscar Campomanes, Lecturer
Ph.D., American Civilization, Brown University: literature emerging from U.S. encounter with the Philippines; literature of the Philippine diaspora; U.S.-Philippines cultural relations. LTCS 140--Subaltern Studies in Context: 1898 and the New Imperialism; LTEN 60--Topics in Ethnic American Literature: History Writing and Asian American Fiction; LTWL 172--Special Topics in Literature: Filipino American Cultural Historiography.

Rogelio Escudero, Visiting Professor
Professor, Department of Spanish, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras; Ph.D., Spanish Literature, UCSD: Puerto Rican, Latin American, and Caribbean literature. LTSP 133--Spanish American Literature: the 20th Century; LTSP 140--Spanish American Novel.

Jeffrey Geoghegan, Lecturer
Ph.D., Ancient History, UCSD: ancient Israelite history, literature and religion; ancient Near Eastern history, literature and religion; ancient Greek and Roman history, literature and religion. Revelle Humanities Sequence.

Glen Gold, Lecturer
M.F.A., Screen Writing, UC Irvine: screenwriter and journalist; has taught at UC Irvine. LTWR 110--Screen Writing.

Karen Hollis, Lecturer
Ph.D., English Literature, UCSD: 18th-century English literature and culture; has taught at SDSU and UCSD. LTEN 141--The High Victorian Novel: Women Writers.

Helen Jun, Associate
Ph.D. candidate, Literature, UCSD: comparative U.S. ethnic literature. LTEN 18--Introduction to Asian American Literature.

Sunny Jung, Lecturer
Ed.D. , U.S. International University; has taught Korean language and literature at USC, UC Irvine, and UCSD. LTKO 1B--First-Year Korean: Fundamentals of Korean; LTKO 2B--Intermediate Korean.

Susan Kalter, Lecturer
Ph.D., Comparative Literature, UCSD: U.S. and Native American literature; Caribbean studies. LTWL 144--American Indian Literature.

Liu Lu, Associate
Ph.D. candidate, History, UCSD: modern Chinese history. LTEA 120A--Chinese Films: Chinese Fiction and Film: 1900-1950.

Stephen-Paul Martin, Lecturer
Ph.D., English Literature, New York University: author of numerous books of poetry and prose; editor at American Book Review; Lecturer, SDSU. LTWR 100--Short Fiction.

Malise Ruthven, Lecturer
Lecturer, Department of Divinity with Religious Studies, University of Aberdeen: author of numerous publications on religious studies and Islamic religion. LTWL 142--Islam: The Origins and Spread of a World Religion; LTWL 143--Fundamentalism in Comparative Perspective.

Maurice Stevens, Lecturer
Ph.D., History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz: critical race theory and African American studies. LTEN 185--Themes in African American Literature: Trauma and Recovery in African American Literature.

Jennifer Tuttle, Lecturer
Ph.D., Literatures in English, UCSD: 19th-century U.S. literature and culture, gender studies, literature and medicine, and composition; has taught at USD and UCSD. LTEN 149--Themes in English and American Literature: The American West: 1800-1900.

Kristi M. Wilson, Lecturer
Ph.D., Comparative Literature, UCSD: analysis of ancient cultures in the context of contemporary philosophy and literary theories. Making of the Modern World, Eleanor Roosevelt College.

Research/Fellowship Opportunities

Research Grants - FY 1999/2000 (Academic Senate Committee on Research)
Academic Senate members who would like to apply for research support for the remainder of 1999-2000 must submit a Research Grant Application to the Committee on Research, Academic Senate Office, 0002, by 2:00 p.m., January 31 , 2000. Applications received after this date will be returned. Grants generally do not exceed $7,000. Priority is given to junior and new faculty with no extramural support and to new projects that will lead to extramural support. Second applications in the same fiscal year will receive low priority. Funds may be awarded for supplies, field work, research or general assistance, travel for research purposes and equipment. Limited funds are available to support the final preparation of manuscripts for submission to publishers. Additional information and application forms are available from Nancy Ho-Wu, or electronically at http://www-senate.ucsd.edu/forms.htm

Travel to Scholarly Meetings - FY 1999/2000 (Academic Senate Committee on Research)
Academic Senate members may apply for travel expenses to national and international conferences or symposia at which they will present papers on their research or organize and preside over one or more sessions. Invitations to participate in a departmental symposium or in a locally organized workshop/ conference with a fairly small attendance cannot be supported. Only one trip per fiscal year for any Senate member will be awarded. The deadline for submission of applications is 2:00 p.m., January 31, 2000. Applications received after this date will be reviewed in April 2000. Awards are made for the lowest published air coach fare for domestic trips, with ceilings of $500 for Eastern, $350 for Central, and $250 for Mountain/Pacific time zones. Foreign travel will be supported at 75% of the lowest published fare or of the actual fare, whichever is lower. Awards for foreign travel may not exceed $1,000. A copy of the letter inviting the paper, acceptance of the paper on the program, or a copy of the program must accompany the request for funds. Application forms are available at http://www-senate.ucsd.edu/forms.htm or from Nancy Ho-Wu.

Intercampus Exchange Program Grants (Academic Senate Committee on Research)
Airfare is provided to Academic Senate members and registered graduate students for travel to other UC campuses for research study, and to faculty (Senate members) invited to UCSD from other UC campuses for the purpose of consultations which will benefit UCSD faculty. These funds may not be used for travel to attend conferences or present papers. Awards are made for the lowest published airfare not to exceed $250, or mileage in lieu of airfare, but not per diem. See Nancy Ho-Wu for an application.

UC Education Abroad Program 2000-2001 Faculty Exchange Opportunities

The EAP invites members of the Academic Senate to submit proposals for its International Reciprocal Faculty Exchange Program. The exchanges are made available to develop, strengthen, and diversify EAP's linkages with partner institutions abroad and to encourage integration of study abroad into the curricula of UC campuses. Junior faculty and those engaged in undergraduate advising are especially encouraged to apply. Participating institutions are located in Chile, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden. Financial support is limited to round-trip economy airfare and a displacement allowance of $1,500 to $2,000 for visits of four to six weeks' duration. The campus deadline is February 1, 2000. Applications are available from Barbara Saxon.