January 1997 News

New Publications

  • Mark A. Johnson, "Professions beyond the Academy," Modern Language Association Profession 1996 : 60-68. Mark Johnson is a former UCSD Literature Honors student. A copy of Profession 1996 is available in the Department Library.

  • Rosaura Sánchez, "Deconstructions and Renarrativizations: Trends in Chicana Literature," Bilingual Review/Revista Bilingüe, XXI.1 (January-April 1996): 52-58.

Winter Quarter Visiting Instructors

  • Jacki Apple, performance/installation artist, film maker, audio composer, radio playwright--LTWR 110, Screenwriting.

  • Benjamin Bertram, doctoral candidate in Literatures in English, UCSD--LTEN 112, Shakespeare: Elizabethan Period.

  • Carla Harryman, playwright and fictionalist, central figure in the "language-writing" movement--LTWR 100, Short Fiction; LTWR 119, Writing for Performance.

  • Desmond Hogan, fictionalist, playwright and journalist, one of Ireland's most significant contemporary novelists--LTWR 100, Short Fiction.

  • Karen Hollis, Ph.D., English and American Literature, UCSD--LTEN 143, The English Novel in the 18th Century.

  • Jorge V. Moreira, Instructor of Portuguese and Spanish, University of Minnesota--LTGN 136, Latin American (Brazilian) Literature in Translation; LTPO 130, Brazilian Literature (in Portuguese).

  • Ona Russell, doctoral candidate in Literatures in English, UCSD--LTEN 156, American Literature: The Civil War to World War I.

  • Jennifer Tuttle, Ph.D., Literatures in English, UCSD--LTEN 154, The American Renaissance.

  • Andrey B. Ustinov, doctoral candidate, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Stanford University--LTGN 112, 20th-Century Russian Literature in Translation: Literature of the Russian Diaspora; LTRU 130, Genres in Russian Literature: 20th-Century Russian Poetry.

Graduate Students Qualifying and Defending

The Department of Literature is pleased to announce that the following students have successfully completed examinations or defenses during Fall Quarter 1996:

  • Terry Allison, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination

  • Elizabeth Crocker, M. A. Thesis Defense

  • Mahnaz Ghaznavi, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination

  • Diana Gordon, M.A. Thesis Defense

  • Helen Jun, Ph.D. Qualifying Examination

Conferences/Calls for Papers

CONFERENCE ON THE FUTURE OF THE HUMANITIES. On January 31 and February 1, 1997, the UCSD Humanities Center will sponsor a conference on the future of the Humanities. The conference was organized by UCSD faculty members Winifred Woodhull, Michael Meranze, and George Mariscal. All events are free and open to the public.

  • Friday, January 31, 7-10 p.m., Center Hall 101 - Keynote speaker:
    Manning Marable, Columbia University

  • Saturday, February 1, 9 a.m.-12 noon, Cross-Cultural Center - Panel discussion:
    Susan Buck- Morss, Cornell University; Anthony Cascardi, UC Berkeley; Casey Blake, Indiana University; Page duBois, UC San Diego. Dr. Marable also will participate in this event.

Some of the questions we hope to pose at the conference include: 1) What specific methodologies can be identified as properly literary and historical?, 2) How do the two disciplines overlap in terms of research tools and scholarly goals?, 3) To what extent do traditional concepts of the humanities continue to be productive?, 4) Can we still speak of the study of literature and history as the basis for an ethics? 5) What is the value of humanistic studies at the end of the century?

Research Funds/Fellowships

  • Research Grants. Academic Senate members who would like to apply for research support for 1996-97 must submit a Research Grant Application to the Committee on Research, Academic Senate Office, 0002, by 2:00 p.m., January 10 , 1997. Applications received after this date will be returned. Grants generally do not exceed $6,000. Priority is given to junior and new faculty with no extramural support and to new projects that will lead to extramural support. Second applications in the same fiscal year will receive low priority. Funds may be awarded for supplies, field work, assistance, travel for research purposes and equipment. Limited funds are available to support the final preparation of manuscripts for submission to publishers. Additional information and application forms are available from Linda Lewis.

  • Travel to Scholarly Meetings. Academic Senate members may apply for travel expenses (airfare, not per diem) to conferences or symposia of professional societies at which they will present papers on their research or preside over one or more sessions. Invitations to participate in conferences organized by universities, departments or institutes cannot be supported. Only one trip per fiscal year for any Senate member will be awarded. The deadline for submission of applications is 2:00 p.m., January 10, 1997 (please note that applications can no longer be submitted at any time). Applications received after this date will be reviewed in April 1997. Awards are made for the lowest published air coach fare for domestic trips, with ceilings of $500 for the Eastern, $350 for Central, and $250 for Mountain/Pacific time zones. Foreign travel may be funded at 75% of the lowest APEX fare, up to $1,000, or the actual fare, whichever is lower. A copy of the letter inviting the paper, acceptance of the paper on the program or a copy of the program must accompany the request for funds. Application forms are available from Linda Lewis.

  • Intercampus Exchange Opportunity Fund Grants. Airfare is provided to Academic Senate members and registered graduate students for travel to other UC campuses and/or facilities for study and research, and to faculty invited to UCSD from other UC campuses for the purpose of research consultations which will benefit UCSD faculty. See Linda Lewis for an application.

  • Call for Program Proposals, UCSD Center for the Humanities. In the 1997-98 academic year, the Humanities Center will consider support in the following categories:

    Collaborative Group Research Planning Grants (maximum award $12,000): The center will provide initial support for group projects that have the potential of attracting outside support or projects seeking seed funds to develop applications for specific programs such as programs of the Humanities Research Institute. Interdisciplinary research will be supported under this category.

    Conferences (maximum award $20,000): The center will provide funds, matching grants and seed money for the organization of conferences on significant issues in the humanities that are of interest to the university and the community.

    Community Outreach (maximum award $12,000): The center will support events that involve the local community, community organizations and, in general, contribute to the interaction of the UC faculty and the San Diego community.

    Eligibility is limited to members of the Academic Senate. Graduate students and juniors and seniors (GPA of 3.5 or higher) are eligible to serve as research fellows on projects initiated by faculty. Submissions must be received by the Center for the Humanities (0406) by January 10, 1997.