Sören Fröhlich
Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2008
Ph.D. Program - Literatures in English

Research Interests:

Blood in literature, U.S. literatures ca. 1840-1915, medicine and narrative, scientific racism, literatures of the U.S. Civil War, William Wells Brown, Pauline E. Hopkins, Ludwig von Reizenstrein, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Nathaniel Hawthorne, narratology; structuralism and formalism; modernism; American Studies; transatlantic literatures.

Research Skills:

Electronic and internet resources, bibliographies, databases, remote resources, Archival research, microfilm/fiche, annotated bibliographies, reception history and textual criticism.

Teaching Skills:

Lecture, discussion sections, undergraduate seminars, block seminars, group presentation.