Rosiangela Escamilla
Email Address:
Email Address:
Year of Entry: Fall 2009
Ph.D. Program - Literatures in Spanish

Office: LIT 252
Office Hours: 1:00 - 2:00 P

Research Interests:

Rosiangela transferred to UCSD from San Diego City College, obtaining a BA in Literature in Spanish with a minor in Education Studies. Her research areas are  in Chicano/a Inter-nationalist Thought and Politics and in La Diaspora Africana en Mexico. She is currently working on a dissertation tentatively titled Wounds under the Asphalt: the political memories of the Chicano/a Moratorium.

Research Skills:

Consider social justice activism to be directly linked to my research areas. Participant of student newspaper Voz Fronteriza, and an active organizer in the Chicano/a community.