Jun Lei
Email Address: j2lei@ucsd.edu
Year of Entry: Fall 2008
Ph.D. Program - Comparative Literature

Research Interests:

20th-Century Chinese literature, Chinese film and visual media, gender and sexuality studies

Research Skills:

Teaching Experience:

Instructor of: Chinese language (Mandarin), Modern Chinese literature

Teaching Assistant and Reader of: Modern Chinese literature, Chinese films, Hong Kong films, Asian American literature, modern and pre-modern Chinese history

A Little More about Me:

I studied American Literature in China and am now doing research on Chinese literature and culture in the U.S.  Random choices as this may have seemed to myself at the time, this reversal now makes perfect sense to me:  one needs to be on the outside to understand the inside, at least at some point in one’s life, so as to attain a fuller picture of the object under study. Besides reading books related or unrelated to my research, I hike, practice yoga, go rock climbing (so far only in gyms), and am learning tennis.