Instructor: Camille Forbes

This course is generally titled “writing nonfiction” but we'll take a focus further,  on what has been called “creative” or “literary” nonfiction. What’s the difference? We’ll use a basic definition. For our purposes, “literary” nonfiction has three central characteristics: it’s based on actual events, people, and places; it’s written with a special focus on language; and it’s written generally with more engagement with the personal (view and experience) than other types of nonfiction writing. For us, creative nonfiction will exclude: journalism, with its focus on accuracy, straightforwardness and objectivity (whether realized or not); academic writing (reports, academic research, and other scholarly writing); and fiction, as invented material, characters, etc. (although we might argue about the details).

This course introduces two forms of literary nonfiction: the interview and the memoir piece. Our focus will be mainly on reading and discussing these forms of nonfiction, although we will cover relevant terms generally related to writing and craft (at times, using fiction to illustrate them—I will make such examples clear). Throughout the quarter, our discussions will serve as a springboard for individual work on the two key assignments in each of the previously-mentioned nonfiction forms.
► Prerequisite(s): Completion of college writing requirement.

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