My Avatar Loves Your Avatar
Instructor: Antonia Crane

What conversation do you wish to have with the world? With your online community? This cross-genre workshop will challenge you to think critically, read actively, discuss heatedly, and streamline your ideas thoughtfully and effectively through the various forms and conventions of media writing for a “mass media” audience / outlet. We will explore the op-ed piece, the interview, the column, the review, the Tweet and the blog; play in the current mediascape by examining the current online literary community. Our goal will be to tailor writing for various media platforms. We will cultivate skills such as copyediting, fact-checking, quick turnaround times, using style guides (AP or similar), incorporating visuals and audio material for transcribing. Students will construct a body of work that contains revelation, humor and suspense. We will critique each other’s work. Students will read Janet Malcolm’s The Journalist and the Murderer and we will refer to excerpts from: Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things, The Rumpus and various blog entries by Roxane Gay, Steve Almond and Stephen Elliott.
► Prerequisite(s): LTWR 8C; department approval.