Instructor: Antonio Iannotta

This is a course in Italian Cinema that requires no knowledge of Italian or previous training in film studies.  It is a course geared to anyone with an interest in Film, Culture, Literature and Social issues. The course will address issues related to the changes in the Italian social and cultural landscape as manifested in film from the immediate post-WWII period to today. From the first days of NeoRealism Italian cinema has carried out an attempt to define a national culture, first in opposition to the fascist regime that reigned from 1922-1944, then as modern nation state participatory in the creation of the United European Nations.

Neorealism continues to manifest itself in Italian cinema often in unexpected contexts with re-incarnations, revivals, renewals, citations, etc. As we make our way through the films in this course we will attempt to analyze its influence on successive generations of film-makers not only in relation to the parameters of film-making but also in the social/political function of the manufactured image.